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Website Design using the WordPress platform

WordPress is the dominant Content Management System in use today

You create the content. WordPress manages it’s presentation.

About WordPress

About WordPress

  • WordPress is open-source, which allows and encourages collaboration from it’s legions of developers to enhance and improve it.
  • Because of it’s flexible architecture and popularity, there are tens of thousands of plugins and themes available, for almost any conceivable website feature.  The vast majority of these are either free or available for a nominal fee.  Features may therefore be added rapidly without requiring original development.
  • WordPress runs 25% of all websites on the Internet currently, including for these well-known companies
  • Such a diverse array of styles are available that websites do not look and act the same.
  • The administrator interface allows you to maintain your website without needing programming knowledge.
Responsive Design

Responsive Design

In 2014, mobile browsing surpassed desktop browsing.  Websites that are difficult to use on mobile, such as by requiring the user to expand the screen in order to read it, are substandard today.   A separate mobile version is problematic because it doubles the website development and maintenance effort.  All of my websites are mobile responsive. That is, they automatically reformat themselves to be easy to read and use when being accessed on any device.